Web and Software Development Outsourcing since 2004

Hello, I'm Alexey Babak's, fullstack software developer. I offer commercial development of computer programs: websites and business applications.

Culture of development

Support or lay down the principles of modern development. Aglie Sprints Planning, Code Base Storage in the Version Control System, Code Trews, Test coverage and continuous integration using DevOps technologies.

Business processes outsourcing

Favourable full cycle development outsourcing. Significant experience of work for large corporations gives tangible advantages in the automation of medium and even small businesses.

Analytics and Consulting

Gain a competitive edge with my more than 15 years of experience with Internet technology, combined with constant monitoring of the latest technology trends.

Quick MVPs for startups

Lightning-fast market grip thanks to accelerated development of a minimal version of the product to test your ideas, plus the ability to immediately lay the right foundation for future development.


Consciously securing applications. For dinters of startups, we also offer to order separate testing from our cybersecurity partners.

HighLoad Performance

Ready for rapid scaling without overpaying for premature optimization. Together with the customer we define the starting point and growtof our own cloud infrastructure from low-cost shared hosting.


Even without the cost of SEO, our clients' sites find themselves in a worthy place in search engines, thanks to careful adherence to the necessary standards.

UX and the emotional component

Sophisticated comfort and admiration. Honed by years of experience, user interface optimization provides an efficient and enjoyable product.


You don't have to fear for a leak of valuable information. If necessary, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement.


With more than 15 years of professional experience, I am constantly upgrading my skills in management, programming, software development and engineering.


AI Newtech
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